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KWA Full Metal 48 Round Magazine for KWA M11 Airsoft Gas Blowback (NS2 System)

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Under Toggle navigation. Shop Airsoft Airsoft Guns. Black Operation: Make sure the muzzle is pointing in a safe direction. Before loading the magazine, the bolt must be in the locked position to avoid damaging the cylinder. Pull the bolt handle back to lock the bolt. Place the magazine into the magazine well. Push the magazine up until it clicks into a locked position. Pull the magazine down to assure that it has been locked in place.

Select S to fire semi-automatic single shot and select F to fire full automatic continuous fire. The safety button is located in front of the trigger. Push the wire handles inward. Swing the wire handles downwards until it locks. Press and hold the stock button while pulling the stock slightly outward. Release the stock button. Pull the retractable stock until the stock locks into position. Swing Downward. To remove the retractable stock from the gun, press and hold the stock button and pull the stock out completely.

Choose shooting mode. Disengage the safety. Squeeze the trigger to fire. It is recommended eye protection be wore at all times.

KWA MAC 11 (NS2)

BBs may bounce off hard surfaces ricochet. Always point gun in a safe direction. The bolt will lock halfway and the ejection port will remain opened. It is important to treat your gun as though it is loaded, even if the bolt remains open. Airsoft BBs are light-weight and can be affected by wind when fired. With the Hop-Up system, the trajectory of the Airsoft BBs can be adjusted according to the shooting environment or surroundings. Remove the magazine. Open the slide and place adjusting tool into the slotted chamber ring. If the BBs are dropping too quickly, move the adjusting ring to the left or counter-clockwise to give the BB more hop.

If the BBs are dropping too slowly, move the adjusting ring to the right or clock-wise. Test fire and adjust as needed. Remove the magazine by depressing the magazine catch. Remove the stock from the receiver see pg Pull the bolt handle to lock the bolt. Check and clear the chamber from any BBs.

Using your finger tip, or small pen like tool, press down on the retaining pin 1, from within retaining pin 2, and pull it out from opposite end. Pull retaining pin 2 out from the receiver. The pin is seated tightly in the receiver, considerable effort may be needed to pull it out. Pull the upper frame upward and forward until it stops on bolt handle. Remove the upper frame off of the lower frame. After the upper frame is removed, push the bolt backward and then lift the bolt upward.

Make sure the hook underneath the bolt clears the impact block. Place the recoil spring onto the bolt assembly.

KWA M11A1 NS2 System Gas Blowback Sub-Machine Gun

Lock the bolt assembly onto the upper frame. Install the upper frame onto the lower frame and align the bolt knob hole. Make sure the hook underneath the bolt hooks onto the impact block 4. Push the bolt knob into the bolt assembly and push the slide assembly to the rear. Align the retaining pin holes.

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Insert the 2pc retaining pins. Cycle the bolt to ensure proper assembly before shooting. Bolt Knob. With lubricating silicone oil, it will extend the life of the seals and o-rings and prevent gas leaks.

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Any other type of lubricant may damage the products. Lightly lubricate the recoil spring, cylinder and moving parts with a few drops of oil. Lubricating the seals and o-rings are essential. Unload BBs from the magazine. Operating Under Unusual Conditions Unusual conditions are defined as any condition requiring special maintenance. Perform maintenance outlined for the climate similar to your operational area.

Operating an Airsoft gas gun in extremely cold temperatures is not recommended. Cold temperatures will cause the Hop-up Bucking to harden, reducing its effectiveness. Gas will not expand properly in cold temperatures, so both the cycling rate and power will be dramatically reduced. Operating an Airsoft gas gun in extremely hot temperatures is also not recommended. Leaving the gun in direct sunlight for long periods of time, or operating in extremely hot areas will cause the gas to over-expand, damaging the internal workings of the gun.

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The increase in internal pressure from the expanding gas can also damage the seals and cause leaks in the magazine. Keep the gun covered whenever possible. Use lubricant sparingly, as lube naturally attracts dirt and other particles. After use in a dusty area, always field strip the gun refer to Disassembly Section and clean any areas you can reach with a soft, lint-free cloth.

All Rights Reserved. Failure to follow safety guidelines may result in serious injury. Safety Distance The effective shooting range is approximately 75 feet. Eye Protection Eye protection should be worn at all times when both shooting and maintaining your Airsoft gun. Assume Every Gun is Always Loaded Until you are certain the chamber is empty, treat every gun as if it were loaded. Beware of Barrel Obstructions Ensure the Airsoft gun barrel is free of obstructions before you fire the gun.

Muzzle Control Always keep the muzzle of the gun pointed in a safe direction. Keep Your Finger Off The Trigger Keep your finger off the trigger and out of the trigger guard until your sights are aligned on your target and you are ready to fire. Airsoft BBs can be a choking hazard.