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Does it also support iCloud natively?

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You should try FontBase. It has a lot of cool features and is free. Fontbase way exceeded my expectations. I like to organize my fonts in groups and doing this in RF is not nice. I might just switch to FontBase! I've had the same exact experience. I found it because I needed a manager for Windows and that seemed like the best bet. Now i might switch my Mac over too.

I really wanted to like RightFont, and it's nice, but the UI just doesn't map to my brain right. RightFont is definitely better than Suitcase con Fusion but the organization and UI really needs to get to the next level. Because I have 20 years of collecting fonts, I still get some pinwheels when scrolling through the entire library. I'm excited to check out Fontbase, thanks for the tip! Well, it should.

The Extensis font management plug-in couldn't locate a running copy of the Extensis font manager.

There is a small bug, though. So it does not work for everyone. We are going to fix that pretty soon. Honest question: The ability to handle s of fonts well? Network sync? Auto-enabling and a large collection of fonts that gets less organized as I switch font managers or computers are important to me, network sync isn't. I didn't think of trying Font Book, thanks for the recommendation. Ok, fair enough! I used to use Font Explorer X, but that was back in the days when I did more print design, and had to constantly play with different fonts, and auto-enable helped with that.


One of the features that I'm looking for is a place to store Fonts I've purchased. Font Book is great, but it doesn't seem to have an iCloud sync store associated with it. One feature that is missing I think, Is the suggestive features while searching for a particular character on a font sets. Especially if you have hundreds, thousands sans serif fonts: Last time I tried with lots of fonts installed it was pretty slow, too.

It seems good for very light use though. Ive been a suitcase user forever and have no complaints.

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Its really not that expensive for a tool that your going to use day in a day out. My needs for a font manager are very few, but I really like Typeface. I find Ultra Character Map to be very useful. FontBase is a global font platform, that can cover all your font related tasks. Learn how to quickly manage many fonts, create collections, organize your folders, and start using your fonts in an efficient way with the power of FontBase. All platforms. Professional features.

Professional font managing app that anyone can use.

Beautiful UI. Totally free. FontBase is the font manager of the new generation, built by designers, for designers. SkyFonts is the simplest way to try, install, and manage fonts. With SkyFonts, you can install fonts from participating sites with a single click, and fonts are available on your computer in seconds. With the SkyFonts app installed on your Windows or Mac OSX system, you simply browse your favorite font websites to find the perfect font, then click the Install button on the site.

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SkyFonts will download and activate your fonts in seconds. If you are a designer using many fonts, nexusfont is a must have application. You can load fonts you are working with only. Font Explorer X has been the font manager of choice by macOS users for many years. Originally this was a free version, but has since been superseded by Font Explorer X Pro.