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This is what I'm doing now, since I find it more robust than messing with other launchers. Here's a step-by-step guide to get you to the point where the mod's install instructions will make sense again:. The name "aether2" is not important — it could be anything, so long as you use the exact same name in every place where aether2 appears in these instructions.

Stick with aether2 until you grok the process. Change the line inside that reads. Now you will have a nice fresh new Minecraft jar version that you can start modding. This is why the new Minecraft launcher is awesome — it supports multiple versions, including multiple modded versions. Yes, you have to use the 1. Aether II isn't updated to 1. Now that you've got that, you need a new folder to keep your world saves and mods separate from the vanilla Minecraft files. Create a folder anywhere I like to keep it in my. Finally, you need to create a new launcher profile that will use the new version and new folder.

Start the Minecraft launcher and create a new profile, then click Edit Profile. Click the checkbox beside Game Directory and change the end of the path to point at your new world folder, so something like. Now, and this is the all-important part, pick aether2 from the Use version dropdown list.

Minecraft Tutorial-The Aether Mod, How to install! (Mac)

Double-check that your Minecraft login is correct especially if you share this computer with other Minecraft players , then click Save Profile. You should now have a nice new login profile that runs a copy of Minecraft that's entirely separate from the vanilla Minecraft release! You are now ready to install the mod, but first, check that everything is working and log in with the new profile. Create a world, quit, and look in your new.

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Now mod away! When an instruction tells you to put a file in your. And watch for that tricky dot in. All modding instructions including most of my own here will tell you about your. This is normal and not a problem, unless you let it confuse you. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Ask Question. I asked this question on Minecraftforum. The Industrial Craft mod has all kinds of new items for you to enjoy, check it out. Add a little bounce to your crafting with Trampoline v1. This mod will allow you to build a trampoline in Minecraft that will bounce your character to new heights along with other creatures and objects that land on it. Visit the official Trampoline mod th Interested in checking out the minecolony mod? Don't let the fact that you play on a Mac keep you from doing it.

Watch this video and learn how to install the minecolony mod for Minecraft beta on your mac and explore a whole new world. Tame wild horses when running the popular Mo Creatures Mod in Minecraft! This Minecraft players guide will teach you everything you need to know to fulfill your equestrian ambitions. For complete instructions, watch the video!

Aether 2 Mod / (Highlands, Genesis of the Void) - esifidiz.tk

Search WonderHowTo for more Minecraft tips, trick Looking for a fun colony game set in a Minecraft world? For some incredible strategy based gameplay, check out the Minecolony mod for Minecraft. This video explains the where, what and how of downloading and installing Monecolony on your PC. Visit this site and download all of the necessary files, then check out this videos helpful instructions for install the More Creeps and Weirdos mod to Minecraft. Your modded Minecraft world will have more Creeps and Weirdos in it than you'll know what to do with.

The Yogbox mod compilation pack features many different Minecraft mods, neatly bundled and ready for a quick installation via this walkthrough for Macs. To see a full list of Looking to enhance your Minecraft experience with the Portal Gun mod? Start by watching this video.

Aether Legacy Mod 1.12.2/1.11.2 (Path to Paradise)

You'll have to download Modloader and Audiomod and the Portal Gun. Playing Minecraft on your Mac will just keep getting better. Have fun with the Portal Gun! Check out this video to learn a clever design for building an auto-regenerating wall in Minecraft beta. If you have the pistons mod installed, you can make walls that build themselves. Watch the video to learn this Minecraft building technique.

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If you're running either the Minecraft 1. The Too Many Items mod helps you organize your inventory in a much better way. Getting bored with Minecraft? Looking to spice things up a little? This gamer's guide presents a complete, step-by-step overview of the process. Love Minecraft? Search WonderHowTo for more Minecraft hacks, c Are you playing Minecraft on a Mac? Would you like more functions and better performance from chat? Check out this video, you'll need to download Modloader and improved chat. You'll be able to bind keys, so that your most used commands are only a single keystroke away!

Check it out, you can install the Minecraft Friend Mod. Watch this video for easy to follow step by step instructions on downloading and installing this Minecraft mod. Get your friends in the game by bringing the Minecraft Friend mod to your Minecraft world. Hello, my name is PortalsUnite I made a mod review about a awesome minecraft mod called The Incredibles mod. I would appreciate it if you checked it out, liked, shared and subscribed.

Feedback is always welcome!

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Want to be able to fly in Minecraft? Visit this link and follow the instructions in the video to learn how to install this Minecraft mod. Once you've downloaded and installed the mod, you'll be able to explore your Minecraft world in a whole new way- from the air. This mod was designed to improve the quality of the ambient light in your Minecraft game. It's super easy to add to your game.

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This tutorial shows you where to find the mod and then how to install it on your computer. The wait is over, the greatest Minecraft mod is here. Watch this video to learn how to download and install the Millenaire mod. The Millenaire mod adds an incredible amount of depth and richness get it? You've definitely heard about the Too Many Items mod for Minecraft, watch this video to learn how to get it on your PC. Most Minecraft player would agree that if the game is missing anything, it's Zombies. Thankfully, there's a mod for that.

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Download WinRar and the ZombieCraft mod and follow the instructions given in this Minecraft mod install guide to zombi What better way to enjoy the beauty of the blocky world of Minecraft than by flying across the land? If you want to fly in the new release of Minecraft 1. Check out this video to learn how to install the Finite Liquid mod and delete all of the water from your Minecraft world. Use Property Reader when installing the mod, and follow the directions of the video to learn how to remove all water. If you're interested in creating your own GUI button in Minecraft, take a look at this tutorial to find out how to create and add one to the game using the ModLoader and MCP utilities.

This is a bit of an advanced tutorial for Minecraft mod creators. Building a house in Minecraft is easy, but what if you want to build that house or building underwater? This guide will take you through the process of constructing a building underwater using the Poncho Pack mod in Minecraft 1. What's your Minecraft world's landscape missing? An enormous creeper maybe? Check out this video to learn how to build a huge creeper in Minecraft. Why take the stairs when you could use the Minecraft pistons mod to build an elevator?

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  6. Watch this video to learn how to build a piston powered elevator for your Minecraft home. Get from point A to point B without losing your breath. While this tutorial shows you only how to install a custom skin for your Minecraft avatar, you can use this procedure to install nearly any skin and mod in your Minecraft game.

    Make everything look more interesting in your game! Not long ago, we saw the amazing Water Shader mod. But we have never seen its true capability until now. This video captures the beauty, and sublime impact it has on the Minecraft player. Minecraft Info: Water Shader Mod: BuildCraft Mod enhances everything about fuel and making things run. Not only that thought, BuildCraft Mod adds new and awesome things inside it! Like all those pipes, quarries, and energy makers. Well all those things will help you enhance your same old Minecraft!

    Some Mods a Minecraft is a great game as it is, but there are many mods out there that make it even more fun to play. Installing these mods may seem difficult, but with a little practice, it becomes extremely easy. You will need: Each presented their vision for a game that fit the prompt "Bigger than Jesus: