Mac hard drive error code 0

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This is the main reason why the Error code 0 appears, usually or more likely when the files you are copying are quite large and are beyond 4GB. So what can you do? Your first option is to try and make the file smaller.

Error Code 0

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User profile for user: Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: I tried to save this 9. But my thimbdrive has so much space left, why can't the files be copied into it? Any ideas?

Finder “Error code 0” when copying large files to external drive | MacYourself

Question marked as Solved User profile for user: Ian R. Brown Ian R. Prescience is a gift I am blessed with! I gave someone a USB 2. So you will have to keep it as it is.

You will need to split your video into 4GB sections before you put it on. If you do reformat it, you simply copy the contents to your HD first and then later copy them back.

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Regarding my sixth sense, if you wish to see it in action, click here: Well, these are few reasons of error code 0 in Mac systems. Unfortunately, due to the progress in technology and outdated FAT32 file system is in progress, there are high chances of this error code.

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